How to grow the cherry tree at home starting from the fruit: all the secrets


How to grow the cherry tree at home starting from the fruit: all the secrets

Did you know that you can cultivate your own cherry tree at home without spending a penny, starting from the discarded fruit pits? Cherries are the sweet delights of summer, adored by both adults and children. However, the prospect of growing an entire tree might seem daunting. The secret, unbeknownst to many, lies in germinating the seed within the fruit. Let’s explore the simple steps to achieve this.

If you aspire to nurture cherry trees at home and thought it was an impossible feat, here’s the solution you’ve been seeking—a quick and straightforward tutorial to get you started.

Start by selecting well-ripened cherries, ensuring they exhibit the typical dark red color. This guarantees that the stone inside has fully formed. Allow the cherry pits to air-dry for a full night, exposing them to sunlight if desired.

Using a pair of pliers and a small hammer, carefully break the outer shell of the pit to access the internal core, which will serve as the rooting component. Once you’ve extracted the kernels, prepare a plastic tray with a lid and obtain two equal-sized portions of absorbent paper.

Place one portion at the tray’s bottom, moisten it with a water-filled spray nebulizer, and position the cherry pits on it. Cover the pits with another sheet of absorbent paper and moisten it again. Now, place the tray in the refrigerator. After approximately 10 days, the first shoots will emerge.

Gently uncover the tray and observe the sprouts that have started to appear. Take a pot with some soil, adding a mix of universal soil and perlite for proper drainage. Create a small indentation in the center, about 1cm deep, and place the germinated seed inside, ensuring the new root faces the bottom of the pot. Cover it with a bit more soil and place the pot in a shaded area.

While it may take time, with calmness and patience, you’ll witness your cherry tree take root at home, growing robust and lush—all at no cost!