How to extract rose branches with bananas, now anyone can do it: the natural method

How to extract rose branches with bananas, now anyone can do it: the natural method

Here’s a natural and cost-effective method for propagating rose branches using bananas, a trick revealed by gardening experts. This ancient and simple technique allows both enthusiasts and those new to gardening to enjoy a garden filled with beautiful and fragrant roses. Follow these steps to achieve successful results:

Take out the rose branches

Materials Needed:

  • Cutter
  • Gloves
  • Ripe, organic banana
  • Small stone
  • Clamp
  • Broken plastic vase
  • Cable ties
  • Soil
banana for roses
  • Begin by wearing gloves and using a cutter to cut the stem of a rose at two edges, keeping them separated with a small stone.
  • Take a ripe, organic banana and wrap the cut fruit around the two edges of the rose stem. Use a clamp to secure the banana without squeezing it too tight.
  • Create a screen using a broken plastic vase by cutting and wrapping it around the stem where the banana-covered edges are. Use cable ties to hold everything in place, ensuring they are not too tight.
  • Pour soil into the vase, then flatten it to provide optimal support for the rose branches.
  • To encourage vertical development and prevent curvatures, tie the rose plant to a shrub using an expert method.
rose branches

After about a month, you’ll start seeing results. At this point, you can separate the pot from the shrub and carefully cut it with scissors.

What happens next is that the banana has transformed into highly fertile soil, and the stem splitting has produced roots due to the beneficial properties of the banana.

This method can be repeated over time, and the propagated rose plant can be placed in a suitable vase in the garden or on the terrace.

In a short time and with just a few cents, you’ll enjoy a fragrant and flourishing rose garden, thanks to this expert trick using bananas.